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Our New Patient Exam is a four-part process. It is very in-depth and takes place over three separate appointments. This is so we can determine accurately and exactly what is going on in your body.

1. The first step is to have you fill out our New Patient Forms. This can be done in our office, or you can fill them out in your home before you come to the office.

2.The second step is obtaining your history. This is done VERY THOROUGHLY. This will be done over the phone with Dr. Player's assistant. Note that this step can take from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on your particular situation.

Dr. Player will then review both your New Patients Forms and your health history before she examines you.

Read more about the information gathering and history.

3. The third step is an in-office examination with Dr. Player which runs approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. This step consists of:

"Traditional" Medical Exam. A partial list of what can be covered in this exam includes:
-lymph exam
-blood pressure check on both arms
-eye, ear, abdomen, chest exams as indicated
-pulse check
-check for edema
-height & weight
-orthopedic tests
-neurological tests
-temperature, and more

"Family Doctor" Exam. A partial list of what can be covered in this exam includes:
-advanced muscle testing evaluation (also known as autonomic nervous system testing)
-evaluation of your dietary intake and utilization
-possible toxicities
-organ weakness
-possible infection and/or internal flora imbalances
-possible spinal nerve interference, with standing, sitting and lying down positions
-possible allergies, vitamins and/or mineral deficiencies
-possible hormonal imbalance
-possible joint, muscle, nerve problems looking for as of yet unknown, underlying source/cause of patient's symptoms or problems in order to open the door to resolving this problem

-facial diagnosis
-check for possible infections such as bacterial, viral, parasitic, etc.

The reason this step is so thorough, is that if Dr. Player didn't know the cause of the health problem, the only options available are to cover up the symptoms with drugs or "live with it." Neither of these are viable options for someone wanting to live a long, healthy, productive life.

If needed, further tests are taken in step three such as comprehensive blood and urine tests, lung function tests, body composition, EKG, x-rays and so on.

Read more about your in-office examination with Dr. Player.

4. With all data available, Dr. Player now gives you the Report of Findings. This can take up to an hour and fifteen minutes. In the Report of Findings Dr. Player will cover the following:

-review all areas of stress on the body
-review all the things that you can address immediately with by making a change in your lifestyle
-give you a much more thorough understanding of what is contributing to your health situation... (most people feel a great relief at finally understanding what is going on - no more mystery!)
-her recommended treatment plan for handling your situation effectively

Read more about the Report of Findings.

Payment Methods
We accept cash, check, MC, VISA, AMEX & Discover. If you have insurance, a receipt containing all the diagnoses and treatment codes for services rendered is provided for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, based on your insurance policy agreements.

Comfortable Premises
Our office is not the traditional, "doctor's office." Instead of Formica, we have antiques, glider rockers, plants, colorful fish and mobiles. Our treatment rooms look out on a natural view.

Everything is arranged for your comfort and care. In fact, our office is so comfortable people come in early and even when they don't have appointments... just to sit for awhile and relax.

Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Player and get started on your path to optimum health. Call (727) 449-0121.