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Part III: This is the 3rd and final segment of the series which explains Susan’s extensive new patient  procedures:

            The third portion of our new patient procedure is called the Report of Findings. During this time I review with the person all of my findings during their exam including blood tests, etc. if they were performed. The initial emphasis is placed on any lifestyle changes that will help the person achieve their health goals faster. Some of these may be changing their drinking water, avoiding discovered allergies (until they can be corrected), discontinuing use of  toxic exposures (such as home pesticides), or certain dietary changes.

            I take care to make sure the person understands the terms I use as well as where affected body parts are and their functions. Many people experience tremendous relief during this appointment when they finally have understanding of what has been causing their symptoms/problems, as they now know what to do to start resolving them.

            I also lay out an initial recommended treatment program based on their specific situations and the priority with which they need to be addressed. This includes an estimate of time and financial commitment.

            Once people begin applying the lifestyle recommendations that I made, frequently there is a marked change in their symptoms before we even begin the actual treatment. The first success story following this article demonstrates this occurrence. It was written after this patient experienced so many benefits after her report of findings appointment.

            This is the goal of the Report of Findings: a well informed patient who knows what is needed to resolve their health situation. Whom do you know that you would like to have this realization?