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Getting Started On Your Path
To Optimum Health

This information is for those of you who have become new patients of mine, or are considering becoming a new patient. The purpose here is to explain some of the things we will be doing.

(Note: You should also refer to our New Patient Exam.)

First of all, the method I use to find and treat your body's problems is based on the lifetime research of Alan G. Beardall, DC, of Portland Oregon. There are now about 60 doctors in the U.S. that have the postgraduate training to use this research successfully. It is called Clinical Kinesiology, or CK. You may have heard of, or seen, other types of kinesiology before, but the way we will be using it is much different.

The appropriate definition of clinical is: having to do with the direct treatment and observation of patients - as distinguished from experimental or laboratory testing. The definition of kinesiology is: the science or study of human muscular movements.

Putting these together, what this means to you is that I detect and treat physical problems you may have by carefully moving your body's muscles and observing the reactions.

How I Detect Body Problems

The brain and spinal cord are the body parts which generally manage the rest of the body. They receive stimuli and information from both inside and outside the body, and direct the other parts of the body to respond accordingly. This information travels to and from the brain and other parts of the body via the nervous system.

Dr. Beardall researched how to find out about problem areas of the body. By touching different points on your body, and moving your fingers, arms and legs in specific ways, I can receive information about the condition of specific parts of your body. It is also useful, in determining what is going on with your body, to consider such things as aches and pains, skin color, posture, muscles strength and the location of fat deposits.

How Body Problems Develop

Your body is continually being subjected to stress in one form or another such as:

  • Muscle and bone strain or trauma
  • Food toxins (poisons) such as sugar, fats, alcohol and artificial additives
  • Non-food toxins such as aluminum and mercury poisoning

In order to handle these stresses, your body must use vital resources, such as nutrients. If the necessary resources are not available as the stressed area, your body will steal them from other places, such as muscles, organs and the discs between your bones. When there are not enough needed resources to go around, both the stressed body part(s) and the robbed body part(s) become overwhelmed.

If such an overwhelm occurs, your body must then change or adapt to fit the situation. These adaptations can be positive in the short term, but they often become long term problems.

When a particular body part is stressed often or severely, your body adapts in some way to minimize the impact of that stress. To do that, it reduces flows to the particular body part, and holds on to the adaptation.

This means that the stressed part can get worse through improper response from your body. But even if the part gets better, your body continues to maintain an adaptation that, ultimately, is not for its best survival. As these non-optimum changes build up in specific body parts, or systems, they become less able to function properly and your health decreases. With CK, however, I can locate and remove these unwanted adaptations, and help your body perform better.

Examples of Harmful Adaptations

Here are some examples of how harmful adaptations might develop:

  • You go through a phase of eating Twinkies every night before you go to bed. As you intake sugar, your body chemistry changes to make the best of it by setting certain glands in a state of increased or decreased production. If the intake continues for some time, the body will adapt to this emergency operation by continuously overproducing or under producing certain hormones and enzymes. This less desirable function thus gets held in place, resulting in lower body efficiency.
  • You sprain your ankle while running across the street. To reduce the pain, your body will shift the use of certain leg and foot muscles so that you do not put full pressure on the injured part when you walk. If the sprain is severe, these muscles will continue in this use pattern even after the ankle has healed. This, in turn, causes unnatural strain on other parts of your structure.
  • Your busy schedule cause you to eat too much greasy food without taking enough minerals to break it down. To handle the toxic overload, your body will store the toxins in fatty tissues, and try to obtain minerals elsewhere to break down what it can. Typical sources are discs and bones in your spine. This can result in the routing storage of fat, and chronic pain.

How CK Works

Over the years, as these adaptations build up, the body's normal communication channels become blocked. Parts of the body become confused and no longer function properly. The body becomes more toxic. It begins to age faster and disease sets in. But with CK methods, I am able to determine the exact things that your body needs to handle your physical problems - in the correct sequence, and in the proper gradient.

The actual treatment of each stressed area will vary. You may need a gentle spinal adjustment to handle one problem, a muscle correction for another or acupressure for a third. (Acupressure is the Chinese practice of rubbing specific points on the skin in order to improve the function of organs and other body parts. This is thought to work via the nervous system.) A specific type of nutrient may be needed or even a change in your diet. I do not know what you will need until I begin work with you. No two people are treated in exactly the same way. Whatever methods we use will be uniquely suited for your particular needs.

In general, the CK process works like this: I touch different points on your body and manipulate your fingers, arms and legs in certain ways. This gives me data telling me where your body has maintained improper adaptations. I address the most troublesome one, and improves the energy flows to and from the stressed area. Then I find out what treatment is needed to handle the physical stress and give that treatment. This improves out the area and eliminates the improper adaptation, which then gives the body a chance to heal itself.

The Nature And Time Of Treatment

Relief versus Correction. Most people know that pain is a sign of some body problem, and they come to me for relief of the pain. When the pain is gone, they think the problem is gone. This is never the case.

Pain is the body's last resort of telling us that it has some major problem, but the pain itself is not it. Pain is only a symptom of a deeper cause. If you only eliminate the pain, and do not eliminate the root cause of the problem, the pain will return shortly. And, in fact, pain usually goes away faster than the time it takes to correct most root problems. Naturally, we want you out of pain as soon as possible. But then we want to also correct the root cause.

Body and Treatment Changes. When patients first begin their CK treatments, they usually have conditions of overwhelm in one or more parts of their bodies which may require relatively frequent CK treatments. If they continue these treatments and follow my recommendations regarding their lifestyle and nutrition, they will minimize the daily stress on their bodies, and the need for frequent CK treatments will decrease.

The need for nutritional supplements will continue for some time, along with periodic CK treatments to handle specific stresses, and to monitor the changes that will occur in the body's nutritional needs as it steadily progresses toward optimum health.

Your Contribution To Treatment. It is important to remember that it has taken you many years to get your body into its current condition. Therefore, depending on the degree of your condition, it will take some time to get it back to where it belongs. But if you follow the recommended procedures, and adopt the attitude of "What can I do to help this process along....." we will have the winning combination. If you make a full commitment to getting your health back to where it belongs, you will have my firm commitment to help you achieve that.

A Definite End Point

The CK procedure is repeated until all the problem areas have been located and any physical stress eliminated. When that is done, any physical basis of the problem will have been handled. There are a finite number of these problem areas, so only a finite amount of treatment is needed - provided you do not submit your body to additional stress it cannot handle.

Let's Get Started!

Know that, to me, you are a valuable person whose good health is vital. In fact, I want your health to be so good that you never have to concern yourself with it. We all know that life is more exciting and worthwhile when you feel good and have lots of energy. So don't ever procrastinate when it comes to your health and well-being.

Remember this: The quality of your future is determined by your actions (or inactions) in the here and now.

Call 727-449-0121 today to get started on your path to optimum health and a happy, healthier future!

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