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Ultrasound Is More Than Just Sound Waves

Successful Prenatal Care

Q: My daughter is pregnant with our first grandbaby and I have a concern about her pre-natal care. Her doctor has her scheduled for at least three ultrasound examinations during her pregnancy. We never had any and now it seems like everyone gets them. Am I already turning into an over-protective grandma or is there valid reason for my concern?

A: Yes, from what I have observed in treating my pregnant patients and things I've heard, I feel strongly that there is valid reason for your concern.

Many parents have relayed stories of seeing their baby "trying to get away" from the ultrasound instrument. To me that's the first clue that all is not well with this relatively new and common procedure. Although the majority of traditional medical journal articles claim that they are "perfectly safe," my own findings and the perceptions of many moms counter those claims.

In the mid-1980's I was trained in a method of diagnosis and treatment that allows me to check and treat a baby while it is in the uterus. In a pregnancy that is going along well, primarily all that is needed is to periodically monitor the baby's needs for specific nutritional requirements such as protein, vitamins, or minerals and then have the mom make any needed changes. After an ultrasound, however, I have consistently found a lot more.

Almost all of the babies that I have checked after an ultrasound have shown indications of stress and trauma, primarily affecting the brain, eyes, and ears. There are several alternative medical reference correlations between the increased use of ultrasounds and the increased incidence of repeated childhood ear infections. Although these stresses can be addressed with treatment, I feel that not having the insult to these sensitive nerve and sensory organs would of course be better.

Unfortunately a lot of the ultrasound exams today are done in place of good doctoring and midwifery. An ultrasound isn't necessary in most, if any cases to determine the size of the baby, yet they are done for this purpose regularly. Many couples also mistakenly think that they provide a foolproof method of determining the sex of their expected child. Most of us however know at least one family that has a totally pink room for their newborn boy or vice versa!

In the instance of a medically necessary ultrasound, there are some guidelines that I would strongly encourage be followed. Keep the length of the ultrasound as short as possible. I would also encourage that the technician and other people in the room be quiet during the procedure. Any explanations can be done later after the ultrasound is completed.

If you'd like more information on this last point, I recommend that you read the chapter that covers the prenatal part of life in a book called Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. It was very enlightening for me and made a lot of sense. The last recommendation is to have the mom and baby treated by someone trained in my method of diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible after the ultrasound. I prefer the same day if at all possible.

Occasionally an argument that is used to justify the widespread use of ultrasound exams is that it is "just sound waves." My response to that is an invitation to imagine a loud, screeching overwhelming sound made only inches from your head that you can't get away from. Now compare that to the gentle lullaby sung by a parent to their child. There is a big difference in "just sound waves," isn't there?

Pre-Natal Supplements

Proper nutritional supplements are vital for healthy infant development and to prevent nutritional deficiencies and a difficult pregnancy for the mom. Failure to provide proper nutrition can lead to low birth weight babies, anemia, premature rupture of the membranes and even malformations of the baby.

Dr. Player carries several types of professional quality nutrients specific to the needs of each segment of pregnancy, including pre-pregnancy and post-delivery. These are tested to find out exactly which is best for each pregnant patient Dr. Player treats.

A Pre-Natal Care Success Story...

“This is a long overdue success story! In September of 1989 before any type of confirmation was possible, I knew I was pregnant and could perceive the beginning of a miscarriage. I immediately went to see Susan and her testing showed I was pregnant. She gave me several successful treatments to avert the miscarriage before I confirmed the pregnancy with a blood test.

Over the period of the next three months the pregnancy was very unstable. Several times I could feel my body trying to miscarry and with Susan's treatments the problem would get corrected. An old injury to my pelvis had caused structural damage that was never detected except for the fact that my body rejected a pregnancy in the early months.

Between Susan's treatments and an herbal tea I made and drank each time the symptoms turned on, I was able to maintain the pregnancy. From the fourth month on it was a wonderful pregnancy and in June I gave birth to a seven pound, six ounce girl. It was a very easy birth, the baby was in the perfect position and labor lasted only 4 hours.” - A.B., Palm Harbor, FL