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Should I "Learn To Live With" Old Injuries?

Frequently there is a lot that can physically be done to address old, unhealed injuries. In fact, one of the main techniques of treatment that I use was developed specifically to address long-standing, unresolved body problems such as this.

Although there can be many factors involved , I disagree with the idea of having to “learn to live with it.” What I find is that if a person has nutritional imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and/or structural imbalances at the time of injury, the body can have a really difficult time healing the injured area .

If you were to start a construction project and then you ran out of boards and shingles, that project would be halted at that point until you got more materials.

A similar thing can happen with your body. If it needs more calcium, vitamin-C, and an alignment of the knee bones and it doesn’t get them, the healing project can be held up. The tricky part is that while further healing is held up the body begins to compensate for the unstable, unhealed area. These levels of adaptation can add insult to injury and can further complicate the ability to heal.

There are many areas t hat I look at and address in such a situation. I go into this more in depth at my introductory workshop.

Having success with this type of problem is a real joy! To be able to restore function and have someone’s abilities to work and play be increased is the name of the game.

Call and reserve your seat at my next workshop and then we can go over your specific situation at the included consultation. I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Susan Player


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