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New Baby Exams

Q: Do you still offer new baby exams? If so, what kind of things do you check for that would be different from a regular pediatrician?

A: Yes, I definitely do new baby exams! It is one of my favorite parts of being a doctor!

There are lots of things that I test for (using an assistant to help with the muscle testing) that are very different from a pediatrician's exam. As pediatricians are medical doctors (M.D.) who specialize in child care, their viewpoint is going to be one of checking for diseases or major deformities.

In my exam I focus on ensuring that the infant is receiving proper amounts of basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. I also check for any misalignments of the spine, skull bones and other joints that could result from the birth process. If there are any, I correct them using very gentle fingertip pressure at the correct location in the correct direction.

An evaluation of the baby's organs for correct function is included, as well as a determination of whether there are any allergies, yeast imbalance, parasite infection, or beneficial detoxification occurring.

One thing that I frequently find is that the baby isn't receiving enough good quality water. A common misconception is that they only need breast milk or formula, but that is really their food. Just as we may be thirsty and want or need water, those little guys can be thirsty for water. An easy way to get them to take the water is to use a medicine-type dropper. Drinking more water has helped a lot of cases of constipation very quickly.

As part of my examination, I always follow up on any areas that the parents may have attention on, as they are most familiar with their baby's health.

I recommend that parents bring their baby in soon after the first week unless there is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed more quickly.

There is such a huge difference that can be made if our future generation starts off healthy!

Success Story

“It is of special concern when your tiny little baby (whom you love more than anything in this world) has something going on with them physically - even a seemingly small problem can cause concern.

Well, my little babe has been handled so expertly by Dr. Player. Allergy? Quickly spotted and handled. The result: no more allergy! Teething problem? Handled, body treated, correct homeopathic remedy indicated. Result: kid gets relief, parents get relief! Constipation? All my son had to do was go to Dr. Player's office and he pooped four times! My child wouldn't stop throwing up, we took him to Dr. Player and within 12 hours it was handled.

Now, you have to understand that this is all without drugs, x-rays, or any other treatment. All very gentle handlings. To date, my son is exceptionally happy, healthy, stunning. We owe a lot to our best friend and doctor, Susan.

We love you!”