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Why I Don't Recommend Using Microwave Ovens

I have been investigating the effects of microwave ovens for a few years, both in scientific literature as well as with my own testing. I used to say that it was okay to use microwave ovens for occasional use, but now I DON'T RECOMMEND THEIR USE AT ALL .

A submission by the University of Vienna's Department of Pediatrics in the British medical journal, The Lancet (December 9, 1989), says that microwaves alter the protein molecules in milk. It also creates a neurotoxic compound which is especially damaging to the liver and kidneys. It is further stated that, "this can lead to structural, functional and immunological changes." Not only do you not get the benefit of the protein in the milk as you would expect, you are actually creating damage to the body.

From my own testing, I have found that microwaved food or even water, creates significant disturbances in the energy fields of the body. All the muscles test weak with the microwaved substance near the body or in the mouth.

Another interesting thing happened with a patient of mine that convinced me of the harmful effects of microwaves. This patient was constantly showing up needing more whole grains. As I communicated this to her she got upset and said she was eating them every single day, so how could she be low in grains?! Upon investigating, I found that she was microwaving her grains each morning, and I shared with her my knowledge about the microwave's effects on the food.

She did not believe it and decided to run a little test. She brought in two samples of grains. One was cooked on top of the stove and one was cooked in the microwave oven. They were not labeled in any way that either one of us could have known which sample was being tested. What I found was that one of the samples was good for her body, strengthened her organs, and her muscles were strong. The other sample weakened all of the muscles in her body. I shared with her my findings and we discovered that the microwaved substance was the one that weakened all of the muscles in her body. The sample of grains that was cooked on top of the stove was the one that strengthened her body and created the desired effect, which is improvement of the organs and glands.

I'm sure that there are many more references and documents available if one were to do a literature search in the library or the internet.

At this time, my own experience with the patients such as I have stated above and the data that I do have, is enough for me to state that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND MICROWAVE OVENS, even for reheating of foods. I especially would not use microwave ovens for foods given to children. It is so vital that they get all of the nutrients they need during the growth phase of their bodies.

Dr. Susan Player