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You Don't Have To "Live With It"
-Chiropractic Is Still For Organs-

When I tell most people that I am a chiropractor they almost always make some kind of neck or back remark. It's true that chiropractic was founded on the practice of spinal manipulation. But the fact that the nerves from the spine go to all the organs and muscles seems to be forgotten, if ever known in the first place! So, even from a very traditional viewpoint, chiropractic has always been for organs.

Now, when I say organs, I don't mean the Wurlitzer kind they play at the music store in the mall. I mean the kind that are inside your body doing thousands of functions every minute of your life. They digest food, pump your blood, eliminate waste, and control internal temperature, to name a few.

With the type of work that I do this concept is taken many steps forward. I studied with Dr. Alan G. Beardall, a chiropractor in Oregon. He developed the method of diagnosis and sequential treatments that I use in my practice. With this work, which incorporates nutritional advice, energy flow rebalancing, gentle spinal manipulations when needed, and other structural corrections, it is actually possible to restore function to organs and tissues. I get so used to doing it that I forget how phenomenal this really is! Traditional medicine doesn't have a clue to the possibilities with this kind of work.

Conditions that people are told they "have to live with," or "wait until it gets worse so surgery can be done," or "its all in your head," or "that's to be expected at your age," or "it can only be controlled with drugs" are regularly being fully corrected in our friendly, antique-filled office.

I restore bodies.

After trying for years to describe what I do, or come up with an answer to the socially posed question, "What do you do?," I've found the answer! I restore bodies. I don't just push bones into place. I don't just hand out pills. Nor do I just rub points. I restore bodies.

I know some of you have had the experience of sharing stories of your renewed health with a friend or family member. In talking with them they eventually say "what does she do?". If the answer includes the word "chiropractor" in the first sentence or two, most people have immediately categorized me and my work into a very limited, and not fully correct picture. "Oh, I've been to a chiropractor before," is frequently their answer as they shut the door to communication and your desire to help them.

Try this the next time. Tell them, "She restores bodies." After giving them a fuller description of what that means to you, when the term chiropractor is mentioned, it now has a much broader picture attached to it. I have had so much fun with this. To be able to more accurately communicate about what I do has been wonderful.

Try it for yourself and tell me how it goes! The truth is that many people are miserable and suffering, not knowing that there is a solution to their long-term health problem. Let them know they don't “just have to live with it.”

Dr. Susan Player