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How Can I Help You? Let Me Count The Ways..,

Below I have listed some of the specific ways in which the work I do can be utilized. Call me at 727-449-0121, to personally discuss any particular situations regarding yourself, your family, or your friends.

  • If someone is not metabolizing properly: determine which specific area (exercise, sleep, protein, fat, etc.) is involved and what is needed to correct it.

  • Determine exactly which supplements are needed and at what dosage.

  • If someone is not sleeping well: determine proper sleep position, pillow and/or bed (on-site evaluations available if needed); check for organ imbalance - especially if a specific time is involved each night.

  • Determine if someone has food sensitivities and correct them.

  • If there is an injury, determine which tissues are involved (tendon, muscle, bone, etc.) and correct them. This technique is very beneficial even if the injury is an old one that never healed fully.

  • On-site evaluations for complete environmental sensitivity: foods, bed, pillow, cookware, pets, carpets, etc.

  • Determine if someone is experiencing an allergic reaction, a viral or bacterial infection, or a beneficial detoxification process. All can have similar symptoms, but are handled very differently.

  • Determine if the body has a need for antibiotics or if it can handle an infection with non-invasive, natural methods.

  • Determine which, if any physical factors are involved in recurring complaints (example: child who gets a lot of "colds"), and correct them.

Dr. Susan Player