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Recently I received a request for general advice for good health from a local orthopedic surgeons’ group. Having put this all together for the doctors, I realized I should share the data with you, too. Feel free to pass this on to others, as you wish.

DIET: Emphasis on quality, organic foods. Minimize refined carbs, breads, and pastas. Meats should be without hormones and antibiotics whenever possible, such as:

- Maverick beef and buffalo available locally at Publix;

- “Smart” chicken available locally at Publix;

- Shelton’s turkey products available at Nature’s Food Patch.

Organic vegetable juices (VitaMix is a great “blender” to make easy, high quality juices and soups -VitaMix: 800-358-4233). Norman Walker has a great book for juicing recommendations.

Organic seeds and nuts for quick protein and on salads (raw and unsalted is best) - for example: sunflower seeds, almonds, and cashews.

Breakfast ideas: Slow cooked oatmeal (with maple syrup or succanat as a sweetener if desired) and turkey sausage.

Home cooked chicken or turkey vegetable soup. (Great any time of the day.)

Fresh mixed vegetable juice with “Total Nutrition” added, (available from Organic Solutions at 727-447-5282.)

Other Snack Ideas:

- Organic celery stalks or baby carrots

- Organic apple slices dipped in raw almond or cashew butter

- Organic yogurt (many brands available)

- Standard Process Protein Bars (available in our office)

Nature’s Food Patch is a local source of many quality products, including high quality salmon that has tested mercury free, fresh made soups, and vegetable juices.

COOKING METHODS: See my articles page for articles on microwaves and cookware which can be found at my website

SLEEP: Many people sleep more deeply if they sleep on their backs with the legs elevated from knees to ankles- supportive bed wedges are available from my office. Use a sleep mask to block out ambient light. Cheap versions available at local drugstores; nicer silk or cotton versions available many places.

Eliminate as many as possible excess electronics from sleep area; computers, TV, etc. Unplug for sleep if they need to be in the room.

Take an easy paced 15-30 minute walk before bedtime.

Have your bedroom on the slightly cooler side and use appropriate down comforter or cotton blankets to stay warm. Avoid use of electric blankets.

Have curve of neck supported with either a small neck roll or a “wadded up” down pillow but take care to not have it too high.

WATER: See separate article. Bottled water brands that are generally recommended are Fiji, Volvic, Poland Springs, Zephyrhills (clear bottle), Evian, and North Carolina Mountain Spring Water. Not Dasani, Dannon, and Aquafina.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Best overall multiple I have ever used in my practice is “Core Level Health Reserve.” Most people need 2 to 6 per day.

For people with high stress jobs, frequently extra magnesium and Vitamin B1 are needed. Core Level Magnesium and Core Level Thiamine are good sources of these.

Most people are deficient in beneficial intestinal flora. This intensifies with high stress and travel. Two good sources are Total Probiotics and Bifidonate. I recommend starting on a small gradient and slowly increasing. (Watch for possible detoxification reactions that could include nasal or chest mucous or loose bowel movements.)

All these can be purchased via my website or from the office.

EXERCISE: Ideal type varies from person. It is important to find 1-3 types that you enjoy and ideally look forward to rather then dread. Aim for a minimum of 3-4 workouts each week, of at least ½ hour each.

Good overall low impact body exercises:

- walking; aim for 10,000 steps per day (using a pedometer)

- rowing; as tides and weather conditions vary I recommend an indoor rowing machine. A really nice one can be purchased through Alden Rowing Shells at 207-439-1507

- bicycling; ideally on a recumbent bike rather than on a traditional bike with the neck hyper-extended

- swimming; especially if able to do so in a non-chlorinated pool or the ocean

Stretching: I highly recommend stretching before and after exercise and going into surgery. A very good reference for this is “Stretching” by Bob Anderson.

POSTURE: Most people find that when standing for long periods of time that keeping the knees slightly bent is beneficial. It may take awhile to get used to, but then it is appreciated.


- Drink lots of bottled spring water and no alcohol.

- Have supplements hand checked at security points (somewhat of a hassle but VITAL as the radiation will negatively affect high quality supplements).

- Take a sleep mask with you to nap more easily on the plane.

- Get up and walk the aisles if able or do ankle flexion and extension exercises if need to stay in seat.

All of the above are very general. These recommendations may not align with a specific person’s individual needs, allergies, health history, etc. If further detailed advice is desired please contact my office at 727-449-0121.

Dr. Susan Player

Dr. Susan Player
971-B Virginia Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33758-8026