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Fire Ant Bites

Q: We’ve recently moved here from up north. I keep hearing about fire ant bites. Thankfully, I’ve not experienced one yet, but if I or my family get one is there anything natural that helps to handle it?

A: Yes, there is. Over the years I’ve had the chance (or misfortune) to try lots of different things for fire ant bites. The most successful protocol follows.

My first line of defense is to douse the bitten area with cold vinegar. It is handy to keep a small bottle in the refrigerator for this purpose. The cold helps to relieve the immediate inflammation and the vinegar’s acidity counteracts the alkalinity of the ant bite.

My second step is to use homeopathic Apis Mellifica (Latin for honey bee). It is for bug bites, stings and other puffy swellings. You can take the sweet tasting homeopathic tablets orally and allow them to dissolve under the tongue. Follow the dosage recommendations on the bottle.

My final tool is to use homeopathic Apis Mell. ointment directly on the bite(s) after drying off any remaining vinegar. Once I recently discovered the availability of this ointment and started using it I was very impressed with its effectiveness. Just using the ointment alone may be all that’s needed, but a fire ant bite can be so painful I’m inclined to do the entire protocol and give my body the most natural help, especially if there are multiple bites.

The last time I got multiple fire and bites and did all three steps I couldn’t believe how quickly the immediate pain, swelling and itching subsided. They also went away faster than any had before and with little to none of the common pus topped red bumps that are usually created by a fire ant bite.

Easy for Kids, too! Because the homeopathic tablets are small and taste sweet and none of the externally applied remedies sting when used, the above protocol is very easy to implement with children as well as adults. Hopefully none of your family will ever need the above information, but being prepared just in case.

P.S. If you have an extreme allergic reaction to these or any other insect bites I have had success in treating this. Call me for a consultation.

Dr. Susan Playe