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Different Causes Of Childhood Earaches

Q: I know a lot of children - nieces, nephews, neighbor kids - that seem to be having ear infections most of the time. One of my nephews is on antibiotics almost every month and I’m concerned. Do you treat children for this?

A: Yes, I definitely do! There are many things other than antibiotics that can be done to help a child with an earache. Also, frequently the ears can be hurting without there being an actual infection. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D. states in his book How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor that otitis media (middle ear infection) is probably the most over-diagnosed and over-treated of all childhood illnesses.”

I have found many other causes of ear pain that can create redness in the ear and mimic infection. The first one of these is allergies. This is one of the most common sources of repeated ear “infections.” Fortunately, any allergies that are found can usually be corrected without drugs or shots.

The body’s reaction to an allergic substance frequently includes inflammation. This can be in the ears, sinuses, throat, eyes or internal organs. If the ears are affected they may itch, hurt and look red if observed with an otoscope (a device used to view inside the ears). If this is the source of the earache, antibiotics are not the solution.

The other main source of repeated ear troubles is an over-abundance of yeast in the body, called candida. One of the main causes of the overabundance of yeast is the intake of antibiotics! Pretty tricky, eh?!

I have treated many patients who have repeatedly been given antibiotics, had tubes surgically inserted into their eardrums and been shuttled from one doctor to the next with no real solution to the underlying source of the problem. That’s not OK!

There are many non-drug treatments that actually correct the problems, including supplements, homeopathy, diet changes and spinal manipulation, to name a few.

Many patients are not aware of their options when their child is having such problems. They are frequently not happy with the situation but feel trapped. Please let them know that something can be done about it. Call me so we can get started on a real solution.