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The Depression Controversy

Tom Cruise has recently taken a very strong anti-psychiatry position in the media. I have been asked by many patients, family members and friends if I agree with him. Without question, I absolutely do agree with Tom that psychiatry is never the solution.

Although I have chosen not to specialize in treating people with mental and/or emotional disorders, in every instance in my personal experience when someone has been recommended to take a psychiatric drug, there has been one or more underlying physical situations.

When these are resolved, the so-called psychiatric symptoms disappear. I realize that by saying this it may create upsets in people who have dealt with this personally. When one or a member of one’s family is dealing with extreme lower emotions such as anger, grief, sadness etc., anything that lessens them may seem like a solution.

One of the dangers in this however, is that whatever is TRULY contributing to or causing the problem is being left untreated.

Whether it is food allergies affecting the brain or other organs; vitamin, mineral or other nutritional deficiencies; hormonal imbalances; or chemical poisoning, those situations are still there creating further problems, even though the person may “feel better”. That’s not even looking at the multiple side-effects of the drugs that are recommended.

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