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Core Level Supplements

A good part of the success of my practice is a result of the Core Level supplements that I recommend to my patients. The formulas for these supplements were developed through much research and testing by Dr. Alan Beardall, also the creator of the chiropractic technology I use in my practice. Because the Core Level products are so superior to, and different from any other nutritional supplements I know of (vitamins, minerals, dietary aids, etc.) I feel it is important for you to have the following information regarding their use.

In order for any food to be digested and used by the body, it must be combined with a required mix of nutrients in an acceptable ratio. All foods in nature contain these required nutrients in various acceptable ratios. So do Core Level supplements. In my experience, most other supplements do not.

If you take supplements that do not have all the needed nutrients necessary for their digestion and use, the body must steal the needed nutrients from other areas to complete the digestive process. This means that in the long run, those supplements can stress various parts and do you more harm than good.

Patient experience has proven Core Level products to be remarkable supplements, having great positive impact on a variety of body needs. Many people have shown dramatic improvements in less than one week’s time, largely from these supplements alone.

Because these supplements are so precisely balanced and tested, your body can make much better use of the nutrients in each tablet. They may be, therefore, more effective per dose than any other supplements you have ever taken. Frequently you don’t need as high a dose of a particular nutrient in Core Level supplements as you may be used to taking from other sources.