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Chiropractic InternistTraining

Q: You once wrote an article about the chiropractic internist training that you’ve been doing the past few years. Could you give me a better idea of exactly what types of things you have studied?

A: Yes, I’d be happy to. The chiropractic internist program included the following main areas of study:

  • Introduction to internal disorders.
  • Two months’ study of history taking and physical exam procedures.
  • Diseases and examination of male and female reproductive systems.
  • Four months’ study of blood test analysis for disease and nutritional/functional imbalances.
  • Two months’ study of heart disease and EKG testing procedures.
  • Acute, traumatic injuries.
  • Chronic, degenerative diseases.
  • Two months’ study of lung disorders, including lung function testing.
  • Urinary system disorders and accurate interpretation of urine tests.
  • Hair analysis evaluation for toxic metals and nutritional imbalances.
  • Two months’ study of the immune system and allergies.
  • Two months’ study of diseases and evaluation of arteries and veins.
  • Three months’ study of symptoms, testing and natural therapies for cancers and AIDS.
  • Two months’ study of the digestive system, including ulcers, hepatitis and parasites.

The emphasis in each of these areas was on 1) evaluation of symptoms and physical findings, 2) the correct tests to perform, 3) accurate interpretation of the above, and 4) natural therapies to assist the body’s healing.

The recommended treatments included up-to-date documented scientific journal findings as well as tried and true methods from our instructor’s 30 years’ experience in practice. Although many of the above areas of study were included in my original chiropractic school training in 1978-82, this program was geared toward hands-on, practical matters that totally relate to day-to-day patient situations.

It was invaluable training!