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Leg Cramps and Mineral Imbalances

Q: On and off for months now I've been having leg cramps. I've been taking calcium and it isn't helping much, if any. Is there something else I could look into?

A: Yes, there definitely is! You are on the right track with supplementing your body with a mineral as they are so vital in proper muscle contractions.

Since the calcium isn't helping, a few things need to be looked at. Either you aren't taking enough, it's not a good type for your body, you're taking it improperly, or calcium deficiency isn't the cause of your cramps. Each one of these can be checked into at our office. Depending on how acid or alkaline your body is determines the best type of calcium to take. Many people also find that they benefit from calcium more if it is taken between meals and not with other supplements. Also, muscle spasms can be caused by imbalances of magnesium or potassium, to name a couple.

Whenever a situation is prolonged and not responding to your attempted solutions it is best to consult a professional to debug it. In this case, since a mineral imbalance can also affect such muscles as the heart, it's a good idea to get it resolved as quickly as possible.