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A HUGE Breakthrough in Treating Patients

If you have ever been treated by me and/or attended one of my introductory workshops, you are aware that a large part of my success in treating patients has been due to using the specific hand positions and muscle testing that was developed by Dr. Alan Beardall.

During his years of research, Dr. Beardall created hundreds of ways to access specific body parts and conditions that allowed the few physicians trained in his technique, to diagnose and treat their patients more thoroughly than any other non-invasive technique available.

A big problem arose however, with Dr. Beardall’s untimely accidental death in 1987. I can’t tell you how many times since then that I would think “I wish there was a hand position for (fill in the blank).” Well, during the past couple of years, I have been adding another diagnostic method to my practice that has increased my ability to help my patients by huge leaps and bounds.

A doctor in California worked with a company in Washington State to create testing vials to use in her technique of allergy elimination. For many years I have used these vials, such as “mold mix”, when I was treating a patient for allergies. Somewhere along the way I realized that I could expand on the use of these testing vials in combination with Dr. Beardall’s treatment protocol to help my patients even more. In talking with the company, I discovered that with their method of creating the electronically imprinted testers my previous limitations were lifted.

I’ll give you some examples so you get a better idea of what I mean...

One of my patients was aware that if she was exposed to cold and damp weather, and especially if her feet got cold, she would get strong symptoms similar to a bladder infection. She wore thick socks even in Florida’s summer heat to minimize this effect.

Before using the vials, I had attempted to address this situation with the body by applying cold packs from my office freezer to her feet to simulate the triggering condition. It was somewhat successful but unwieldy and somewhat torturous to her feet and my hands. Brrrr!

When I got the bright idea to order a testing vial for “cold, damp” we took her treatment to a whole new level of success and it was easy and comfortable for both of us. I have used vials for high and low barometric pressure as well as high altitude to treat people for conditions that occur only in those specific weather/geographical situations.

The high altitude tester saved me from having to travel to Colorado to treat a patient of mine who had emergency room-provoking symptoms whenever they went to their vacation home.

I have used the testers to treat patients for a multitude of conditions that I previously couldn’t access as specifically. One example is a patient who was itching so badly that she had bloody scratch marks all over her legs and arms. With the “itching” tester I was able to determine the most non-optimal area of the body contributing to this condition and treat her.

Another example: using the tester for high blood pressure has allowed me to be even more successful in treating the underlying cause in each individual and getting their bodies to the point where they no longer need medication for this potentially life-threatening situation.

I use testers to accurately diagnose childhood rashes so parents and schools know if they are dealing with measles, chickenpox or something less problematic and contagious. The vials allow me to treat the condition more effectively as well.

Specific body parts which I previously had no way to access are now no longer elusive. An example of this is a particular part of the brain that research has implicated in being involved in tremors. I can also use the testers to diagnose instability/injury of very precise ligaments in the knee, to treat the inner lining of the uterus, etc.

You can probably tell that I am VERY excited about all this! Another one of my mentors, Dr. Mike Cessna, used to say that if a person has a spine and eats food (or supplements), then as a chiropractic internist we can help them. To that I would add, that if we can name the problem, we can treat it.

The bottom line is that I can help my patients even more than before. If you have a situation that didn’t resolve in the past as well as we would have liked, call me. If you know someone who has been given a diagnosis, but no solution, have them call me. We can have any tester available usually within a week if it is something that I don’t currently have.

The possibilities for helping people are truly endless and it IS exciting!

Dr. Susan Player