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Beating The Heat Of Summer

Q: I just can’t seem to take the summer heat this year. Is there anything I can do to feel cooler?

A: First, drink lots of water. (Make sure it is spring water from clear plastic or glass bottles.)

* Keep your sodium and potassium levels balanced.

* Take Bernard Jensen’s goat whey. It is a very easily usable form of these minerals. If you’ve been “stuffing yourself” with salt and potassium to little or no effect, then try this for a few days. I think you’ll see a difference right away.

* Try Cell Salts.

* Eat foods that promote coolness:
       -Cucumber (you’ve heard the expression, “cool as a cucumber?”)

* Avoid foods that can heat your body up:
       -All hot foods (soups, etc.)
       -Red meats.
       -Oils and fatty foods.

* Wear cool clothing.

* Wear a hat. Find one that covers the back of your neck, with a large brim, for example. Our family swears by a kayaking hat made with a removable (and immersable) neck cover.

* Wear natural fiber clothing that breathes.

* Wear light colored, loose clothing.

* Keep key body zones cool.

* Apply cool packs or cloths to the pulse points, like the wrists, ankles and throat.

* Apply a cool, moistened cloth to these areas, too:
       -The back of the neck.
       -The head (a short haircut helps, too)

* Find the shade.

* Park in the shade. Your car won’t be as hot when you return.

* Even light posts cast shadows. Stand behind them when waiting for the walk signal to change.

* Walk close to buildings on the shaded side of the street.

* Plant shade trees. You will know you’re doing something to help in the long run!

* Lose body fat and get more fit. Fat insulates. (Don’t use weight as an indicator of body fat. We can measure body fat at my office.) Other indicators are resting pulse and one minute recovery pulse.

* Avoid the heat.

* Stay inside.

* Turn the A/C on high.

Successes from our Patients:

“The handling done by Dr. Susan D. Player, when I came to her with my funny symptoms and headaches from this hot climate, was excellent. I immediately started using the goat whey instead of the salt that I’m allergic to and my body responded at once. My energy came back immediately and I am ever so grateful for the assistance.I can handle my body well in this heat now.” - E.D. from Denmark

“I came to see Susan Player because I knew my body was not up to par. I had been sick several times, on antibiotics, no energy, etc., etc. Susan did the initial evaluation and before even starting treatments she found I had a hefty salt allergy. I’d been stuffing myself with salt (via pumpkin seeds and adding it to food) all day -- really craving it. So, I stopped the salt! By the next day I felt 20 pounds lighter. A lot of facial puffiness went away and a chronic cough cleared up 90 percent. I felt like a new person! And such a simple handling. Thank you so much!” - S.N., California