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Allergy Relief - You May Have Allergies And Not Know It!

(Read the allergy-relief success stories from our patients further on in this article.)

Allergies that go undetected by conventional medicine's testing can also cause the body to degenerate and "get old" faster.

When people think of allergies, they think of stuffy sinuses, blood-shot eyes, a runny nose and fits of sneezing. Other symptoms that can also be caused by allergies include asthma, nausea, dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, and hyperactivity, among other things. Allergies can weaken your body, make you more susceptible to illnesses, cause you pain, inconvenience, loss of work, and spoil your enjoyment of life.

Often conventional medicine treats the symptoms of allergies with drugs. Alternative medicine is looking for the underlying causes of allergies.

One cause of allergy symptoms is in the blockage of meridian pathways. Meridians are specific energy flows in the body that relate to certain organs. For centuries, Chinese medicine has used these meridians to treat a multitude of disorders. When these pathways are blocked, it can cause the body to respond to certain substances in an abnormal manner, whether they are eaten, inhaled or absorbed. Alternate pathways must then be used to process these substances. These alternate pathways are not very efficient and so there are "side effects" created, such as the symptoms mentioned above.

If the meridians involved in processing these substances can be unblocked and balanced, then the body would have no need to process them abnormally. It has been found that using light pressure on specific points along certain meridians can unblock the obstructed flows and therefore correct the allergy. There are different points used for different substances. Further, clearing up one allergy in this manner can often clear up many others simultaneously.

Why bother to balance these energies if the allergy drugs are working? Besides the cost of the drugs, it has been suggested that many symptom-relief medications may be the very cause of the dramatic increase in degenerative diseases over the last 30 years. Allergies that go undetected by conventional medicine's testing can also cause the body to degenerate and "get old" faster.

So, if you have some unexplained symptom, or just don't feel as healthy and energetic as you should, or if you are plagued with allergies, it would be wise to get this checked. It's simple, painless and may help you avoid drugs and their potentially harmful effects. You may be surprised at how good you can really feel!

Patients’ Results Speak for Themselves

“I have been a patient of Susan Player and the change in my health is amazing.

About 3 years ago I developed a sinus infection that would not go away. After being treated by a medical doctor with antibiotics for a few months, he could not help me and sent me to an allergist. The allergist tested me for all kinds of allergies except food and determined that I was allergic to dust and dust mites. I began three long years of allergy shots, two each time, every other week. This never gave me any relief and I was constantly plagued with infections, headaches, tiredness and general ill feeling. I was treated at least every 3 months for infections with every kind of antibiotic imaginable. A week or two after taking the antibiotics, I was sick again with an infection.

I often told the doctor that I was not feeling better after years of shots, but he assured me that they take time to kick in. In the meantime, I was not only taking antibiotics, but also decongestants and antihistamines around the clock. Nothing I took gave me any relief. I was miserable.

After three years of this, the allergist recommended SINUS SURGERY.

It was just at this time that I got Dr. Player's newsletter in the mail. Since nothing else was working and surgery was on the horizon, my wife and I went to listen to her speak. We were skeptical at first, but what she said made so much sense to us, that I made an appointment and went for my first visit that week.

Dr. Player discovered that I was allergic to dust as the doctor said, but I was also allergic to some foods and I had to change my diet in order to deal with the problem. With a change in my diet, cutting out some foods, learning to eat foods that were good for me and a few treatments with Dr. Player I am a totally healthier person.

I have not taken an allergy shot, antibiotic, antihistamine, decongestant or even an aspirin in 5 months and I have not felt better than this in 3 years.

I know this sounds so simple and unbelievable, but it really worked for me, and I want to thank you, Dr. Player.” - J.B., Tarpon Springs

“Although her treatment style is unique, it’s proven to be the most effective treatment I have found in over four years. My symptoms that used to be overwhelming now are nonexistent.” - B.C.

“I have had a repetitive problem for almost 3 years. I have seen 8 doctors total; medical and holistic. I had no results with either. My co-worker recommended Dr. Player as his wife had many health issues resolved under her care. I started treatments and have not had the problem since then. I have an incredible renewed quality of life. I am so grateful for trusting Dr. Player’s road to wellness”. - E.M.