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Advanced Studies Make A Difference!

In the last 2 or 3 weeks I have had an enormous appreciation for the advanced studies that I have done in the field of natural medicine.

At my last workshop a gentleman related that his M.D. has him on Lipitor (a medication to lower one’s cholesterol). Most labs state that the normal clinical range for cholesterol is anything less than 200. When his cholesterol was most recently checked, it was at 109 and his M.D. is keeping him on his drugs. The HUGE problem with this is that if cholesterol is below 140 it is actually dangerous. The body needs cholesterol to make hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Without enough cholesterol a body will die. Whenever I have treated patients whose cholesterol is too low there has always been a situation with the liver to correct. As 80% of one’s cholesterol is made by the liver it is vital to have healthy liver function.

With this particular gentleman, I strongly encouraged him to speak with his prescribing doctor ASAP about discontinuing his medication. To me it is negligent to have him continue on this drug.

My ability to help alert this gentleman is a direct result of the chiropractic internist training I did for three years in the ‘90s. This program was geared toward hands-on, practical matters that totally relate to day-to-day patient situations.

This past week I was again very thankful for my training. A new patient came in because a fairly recent injury didn’t seem to be healing fully. Previous to these studies, my approach to both the history taking and the exam of this patient would have been more focused on the particular injured area.

Since my training, the history that we do in our office is very thorough. I can’t tell you how many times I have patients tell me they have never had anyone take the time to get such detailed information.

In addition, my exam is detailed and very thorough. Although the patient gave no indication at all of any digestive or elimination problems I checked her abdomen as part of her full new patient exam. I was surprised to see a fairly large mass near her belly button. After examining it, it unfortunately appeared to be malignant. (We are in the process of further testing.) Although needing to tell the patient of such a possibility is one of the worst aspects of my job, it is still better to have the information to act on appropriately.

Before my training I would never done an abdominal exam on this patient. Unless I accidentally bumped into the lump, it could have gone totally unnoticed.

My training and experience is unique compared to other doctors- both traditional and alternative. Although no doctor or medical test is 100% accurate, my skills as a diagnostician have increased dramatically as a result of my internist training. That, coupled with the advanced kinesiology study I did in the 70’s and 80’s, is invaluable.

These skills are a large part of my success in helping people who have unresolving health situations. To say that I enjoy my work and find it rewarding would be a huge understatement Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and to practice what I love.

Dr. Susan Player


Dr. Susan Player
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